Fast or Slow Fashion: what does it mean?

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© Jun Takahashi

You might have read my previous post on the problems created by fast fashion or seen “The True Cost”.
If not, I can really recommend it, see trailer below.

So now for real; what’s the difference between fast and slow fashion?

  1. Well, it starts with the design.
    We should only be making products that are meant to last. As well from a design as a quality point of view.
  2. Material.
    The durable fashion industry experiments with alternative, recycled, organic or overstock material, considering their social and environmental impact
  3. Ethical sourcing and producing.
    When producing we should consider several factors such as fair wage, healthy working conditions and workers’ rights.
  4. Avoid toxins and waste.
    For as well people and planets’ health, we should rethink the process of growing and treating materials used for our fashion.
  5. Be efficient.
    Producers, manufacturers and businesses can cut down on water usage, packaging and transport. We can use clean energy sources. But from the consumers’ side, we can choose to invest in higher quality items, take better care of our garments and love them longer.

At Ms. Bay, I try to consider all of these aspects. Of course, a product is never perfect. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our methods, materials and processes. But also as a consumer, my behavior has changed quite a lot since I’ve got to know more about the fashion industry. And I’m actually quite optimistic. It seems like a lot of people around me have made the same changes. It doesn’t mean that we can’t buy beautiful clothes anymore or that all consumption is bad. But just being conscious of your choices already goes a long way.