Product care

Everything and Everyone needs TLC (Tender Loving Care)

For proper use, maintenance, storage and care of your product, please respect following guidelines.
They will help you keep your Ms. Bay beautiful for longer and avoid stains or damage.

When using

Leather naturally absorbs oils and other substances that touch it, so it’s important to keep your hands clean when using the bag.
Store make-up or liquids in a separate pouch to avoid leaking onto the leather.
Don’t overstuff your bag to help preserve your bag’s contours and avoid stretching the handles from heavy weight.
Keep your bag dry. If you get caught in the rain, blot it dry with a towel or cloth and allow it to further air-dry. Never use (hair-)dryers or put your bag out in the sun to speed up to process; the heat will dry out the leather.

For cleaning

We recommend cleaning your Ms. Bay only with a dedicated leather care product. Follow the manufacturers’ directions for the specific product you choose to use. Never use any detergent or cleaning product that contains mineral oil or alcohol or one that is not designed for leather.
Use leather conditioner from time to time to avoid dryness or cracks. Conditioning once or twice a year is sufficient in normal conditions.
Consider a protective spray if it is frequently exposed to water or if you find you use your bag very often.
Always test a product on a small surface before using it to determine possible changes in colour or texture.
Ms. Bay recommends using natural care-products, such as Nanex or Collonil, also available on our webshop.

When storing

Always make sure your bag is dry to avoid mildew or other serious damage. If your bag is damp from cleaning or use, wait to store until it is completely dry.
Stuff the bag before storing with tissue paper or another type of thin unprinted paper. Make sure the stuffing is firm but not stretching the seams. This will help retain the bag its shape.
Wrap it in a dustbag, cotton cloth or protective paper. Do not use plastic to wrap your bag in as leather needs to ‘breathe’.
Store upright and out of direct sunlight to preserve colours.

Enjoy your Ms. Bay!