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Product information

What is Salmon leather and is it strong?

Salmon-skin is a by-product of the fishing industry that would normally be discarded. We work with an eco-friendly tannery to turn the skins into leather. The result is a thin and flexible leather with a refined and smooth texture. Due to the alignment of the fibres within the leather, it is even stronger than regular leather, making it perfect for the luxurious Ms. Bay handbags!

Is it difficult to maintain a salmon leather product?

Not at all! Obviously, every leather product needs some tender loving care, but salmon is no more difficult to care for than any other type of leather. You can use a protective spray before first use to avoid damage from rain or dirt. Never use any detergent or cleaning product that contains mineral oil or alcohol or any product that is not designed for leather. For more info, please check our product care page.

How does salmon leather wear or tear?

Salmon leather differs from other leather, not only by its appearance but also by its structure. The alignment of fish skin’s fibres runs in a criss-cross pattern as opposed to the parallel pattern in mammals, making fish leather much more durable and strong even though it is thinner than for instance cow or goat leather. When using a salmon leather product a lot, the surface will become smoother and a bit shinier, but the overall structure of the surface will remain the same.

Does salmon leather smell like fish?

This is a question we often get! Luckily, the answer is no. Even though salmon leather starts off as a regular fish skin, the tanning process changes it into a completely different product. It smells very similar to any other leather but has a softer touch and more luxurious feel. So, nothing fishy about fish leather at all!

Why is salmon leather sustainable?

As a vegetarian, I often get the question how I can work with leather. While cow, sheep and goat leather (let alone croco or snake!) are not favourite materials of vegetarians and vegans, fish leather does fit my (and hopefully your) ethical standards as an animal lover or environmentalist.
Fish leather is sourced as a by-product of the food industry that would normally be discarded after the meat from the fish is taken. The tanning and dying processes are far less aggressive and toxic than those used for regular mammal leathers. The chemicals that are harmful to the environment used in tanning mammal hides are used to remove hair. As fish have no hair, this entire step can be skipped. Fish skins also take dyes very well, making that even with less and natural dyes, full and rich colours can be obtained.
Today, only 1% of all fish skins are recycled and made into leather. But since more people around the globe eat more fish than they do beef or mutton, there is a huge potential in that wasted skin.
If you consider that so-called ‘vegan’ leather is actually a very optimistic name for PVC or PU (which come from fossil fuels, produce harmful dioxins and use toxic chlorine or solvents) this salmon leather, even though not vegan, is more eco-friendly. But we keep looking for the holy grail of sustainable material. For more info, please check our ethics & sustainability page.

Payment Information

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

There are different ways of paying for your Ms. Bay:

  • You can pay using Paypal, either with your own established account or with a credit card.
  • We accept Mastercard and Visa creditcards
  • We accept all Belgian debit cards via Maestro payments.
Is Buying On-Line Safe?

Yes. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is used for every transaction in order to ensure that your order is secure. We do not store any information related to your payment or bank records.

Are my privacy and personal information secure on your site?

We take active measures to ensure that all information provided on our website is secure and confidential. Our website is protected by an SSL certificate, which is a common security standard used for online shopping, to protect your credit card information. This protection activates a padlock and permits a secure connection from a web server to a browser. For more info, please read our privacy policy here.

Shipping Information

When will my order arrive? 

Please note that on average our orders take 3 to 5 business days to deliver. However, depending on the country and availability this may vary.

I’ve entered the wrong shipping address, what should I do?! 

Please contact support@ms-bay.com immediately within 24 hours of placing the order. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to make the necessary adjustments but we will for sure do our very best to make sure your Ms. Bay lands on the correct doorstep!

Orders and Returns

The colour or structure of my bag is different from what it looks like on your website. 

Ms. Bay bags are made out of salmon leather. The skin of each fish is different, causing differences in texture, size of scales or even colour gradients. Ms. Bay has set standards to determine whether a skin is suitable for our products and we try our best to avoid large differences but some may occur. This is natural and makes each bag unique! It’s important to realize that the texture in a fish leather product is intended and will not fade. Over time, the leather may become softer and more lustrous, only adding beauty to this natural product.
We want all of our customers to be happy with their Ms. Bay. If you are not, please do not hesitate to return your product and we will refund you.

How do I make an exchange or return? 

Your Ms. Bay has arrived but it is not what you were looking for? Sorry to hear that, but no problem. You can return items purchased through the website within 14 days in new condition and in its original packing. Please use our return form. We will then refund you for your purchase. If you wish to return a Ms. Bay product purchased at one of our resellers, we kindly request you to return to the shop for a refund. If you wish to exchange it, we request you to place a new order.

How can I cancel my order? 

If for any reason you would like to change or cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible at support@ms-bay.com with the details of your order. If your order hasn’t been processed yet, we will see if we can take on your request. If your order has already been fulfilled (shipped), we will follow the Return guidelines. For more info on return and warranty, please check the designated page.

Can I change my order? 

Unfortunately, we can not modify an order once it has been placed on our website. However, you may cancel the order if it has not been shipped out and place a new order. Please contact our customer service and they will help you facilitate this request: support@ms-bay.com.

How soon will I receive a refund for my return? 

When returning an item by mail, please allow 2 to 3 weeks from the return ship date for your account to be credited and 1 to 2 billing cycles for the credit to appear on your statement.