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The beauty of salmon leather

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Marie Claire – 3 x Sustainable

Sustainability in Fashion is here to stay! This edition of Marie Claire is all about green and eco fashion and beauty. We love it!

Weekend Knack – Belgian Designer transforms salmon skin into luxury handbags

Wow! We are so proud to be featured with this interview on the very foundation of Ms.Bay in Weekend Knack! The one question I most often get is "So how did you get started with this salmon business?!". As if it must have been a specific idea that all of the sudden popped into my [...]

Wherenwear – Clean accessories, literally

Happy to be able to present you an interview with me in English for all my non-Dutch-reading followers. This one is thanks to Ishu, the founder of sustainable fashion blog Where n Wear, "Celebrating anything with an ethical edge".

Launch Ocean Cleanup

Over 5 trillion pieces of plastic currently litter the ocean. Help us help The Ocean Cleanup to bring a change! Today, for the first time in history, we are making an attempt in cleaning that mess up! Thanks to the ambitious and slightly crazy plan of The Ocean Cleanup, we will -hopefully- be able to clean the [...]