About Ms. Bay

Luxurious fashion accessories, beautiful and clean in both style and vision.

“Ms. Bay combines modern aesthetics with a vision for the future.
Our handbags and accessories are fairly made in India out of sustainable fishleather.”

Who is Ms. Bay?

Ms. Bay is not your average luxury handbag brand.
We care for perfect design, top-quality materials and flawless execution.
But we also care for our common future. Our ideology is one of timeless design, social responsibility and environmental awareness.

Slow fashion: Buy now, love forever

Ms. Bay was founded by Saskia Aelen and Lawrence Dedroog in Antwerp, Belgium. We learnt more about the contemporary fashion industry when working for a large mass-production company. We got to know the true face of fast fashion: mass production, social injustice, environmental issues. 

We wanted to do things differently.
Slow fashion is a movement that represents the eco, the ethical, the sustainable fashion which commits to slowing down the rate of fashion consumption. It’s a matter of quality over quantity.

sustainable fair trade handbag
At Ms. Bay, we believe sustainable and fairtrade products can look luxurious and sophisticated.
Our collection of handbags and small leathergoods are simple yet elegant, fashionable but timeless.”
Rescued materials and fair trade production

Salmon leather is the main material of our collection. Salmon skins are a waste product from the fishing industry and offer a high quality but environmental-friendly leather.

Ms. Bay produces in Kolkata, India. We only collaborate with factories that are in line with our vision and values. All of the factories we work with, are SA8000 standard certified. This means that they qualify for fair trade standards regarding child labour, health and safety, discrimination, remuneration, …

{Proudly designed in Antwerp, Belgium. With love, Saskia and Lawrence}