Ethics & Sustainability

Beauty in both form and vision

The idea of responsibility is in the essence of everything we do.
The very foundation of Ms. Bay lay in the search for finding the perfect bag; sophisticated and luxurious but without guilt.
Strong and bold design with respect for people and the environment.

Ms. Bay set off in 2018. Ever since its foundation, beauty is the core-value of Ms. Bay; beauty in both form and vision.
This is how we translate these into practice (click for more):

Timeless and well-made pieces

At Ms. Bay, we don’t believe in the fast cycle of fashion goods. We trust that well designed and well-made items last longer. We don’t offer new collections with each season. Instead, we decided to invest our time and energy in perfecting our existing items and our manufacturing.

Going for less, using it longer and recycling where possible contribute to a healthier and more equitable planet.

We choose natural materials, not synthetics

Ms. Bay made the choice of using only fabrics that are biodegradable or reusable. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the impact of a Ms. Bay product. We always strive to make our next collection more circular than it is today.

Our manufacturing is guaranteed fair

We are firm believers in fair trade and its impact on local communities and economy. That’s why we choose to have our manufacturing in Calcutta, India. 

Our factories are either WFTO or SA 8000 certified and audited regularly. This is a guarantee against child or forced labour or discrimination. In addition, it ensures that fair wages are paid, benefits are provided for, education and trainings are offered, and women and minorities are given equal-work opportunities.

Ms. Bay leather is chemical-free

No harmful chemicals were used in the process of making this leather. No toxins hurting our craftsmen, no toxins released in nature. We do it 100% vegetable tanned.

We repurpose even remnants and scraps

To limit our waste and increase our use of recycled materials, we never discard any remnants of our leather. Instead, we reuse them to make some of our smaller items, such as the keychain. Smaller cut-offs are shredded and repurposed as leatherboard to reinforce the interior of your bag. Because remember; waste isn’t waste, until you waste it!

Fishleather is the future-proof material

Fish leather is our perfect material. It is strong, has a beautiful texture and is much more environmental friendly compared to regular leather. Moreover, it is 100% recycled from the fishing industry. To read more about why we think fishleather is perfect, head to our designated page here.

Not vegan but sustainable

Vegan leather is a marketing-name for PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or PU (Polyurethane). PVC produces harmful dioxins and uses toxic chlorine. PU comes from fossil fuels and solvents.
The lifespan of both is shorter compared to actual leather as it does not get worn more beautiful over time. At the end of its short life, a vegan leather item cannot be recycled, nor does it decay. Until these problems can be solved, we decided not to use vegan leather.

Animal leather, especially when vegetable tanned or from waste material such as fish, can be more sustainable when you consider the entire lifecycle.

Production supports local communities

We strongly believe in “trade not aid”; supporting communities through a fair economy instead of foreign aid. With this economic participation, they can not only support themselves and their children, but they also have resources to be active members of their community and members of various local grassroots organisations. Currently, our manufacturers have initiated several activities like stipends for the poor and deserving students in the local area, distributing school textbooks, vocational training, repair of primary school buildings, the creation of water resources, organic farming, solar energy and so on.

We're proud of our transparant manufacturing process

To ensure that our high standards are met and maintained, we carefully select our partners and we stay in touch throughout the whole production process. We regularly visit the factories in India. We have an entirely clean production process and we’re not afraid to show it! We’re sure you’ll fall in love with these skilled craftsmen and women when you see how your favourite Ms. Bay bag came to be. You can meet some of our makers here.

No middle-man to offer you affordable luxury

Selling a product through stockists means doubling or even tripling your retail price. In addition, retailers often expect a wide variety in available colours and a drop of a full collection at least once (but preferably twice) a year. That doesn’t fit our vision.
We want to develop new styles at our own pace. We want to be able to select the finest materials without charging exorbitant prices.
That’s why we cut the middle man; Ms. Bay offers its products straight-to-consumer.
And for each product, we share a transparent cost-breakdown. Have a look at it on our product pages.