Weekend Knack – Ecologica

This week, KnackWeekend brings to you a full dossier on what they call ‘Ecologica’;
They included a ‘green shopping guide’ with their favourite selection of Belgian sustainable fashion brands that are here to stay.
Amongst brands like W.R.Yuma (cool sunglasses from old fridges, anyone?) and HNST (gorgeous 100% recycled jeans), they also featured Ms. Bay.

The way to a sustainable future in fashion is long and the search for the perfect low-impact product hasn’t come to an end.
But we firmly believe that every effort may be a step in the good direction and together we can change the face of our earth, especially through industries which have a great impact, such as fashion.

As Pandora Sykes recently put it:
“Sustainability is not an ‘absolute’ position. It is about doing the best you can and considering, carefully, everything that comes over the threshold- in tiny, meaningful ways.”