A win-win for fan and brand

We don’t do sales. But we do sell our samples and display-models.
As you might know, Ms. Bay does not ‘do’ sales. (For more about why, head to our Pre-order page.)
But we do produce some items that will never end up at our retailers or on our webshop.
This for various reasons:

Before we launch a product, we make several samples of it for fine-tuning the design. In the last stages of developing an item, these samples look a lot like the finals. Some details might be different though.
Sometimes we even sample products that never end up in production at all.

When launching a new collection, we visit our retailers to show them what’s new. These products are unpacked, transported and packed again several times. After launching, they travel to trade-fairs and markets. They end up in window-displays and finally, they are packed and stored in our stock-space.
These products have been ‘used’. They no longer look brand-new even though they aren’t worn either. Often these are missing their box, label and original wrapping.
(Displays are only sold when we will not be producing new stock of that model. So when a display-model is on sale; those are the very last ones available!)

During production and at every stage of it, we do quality controls to ensure a perfect product and minimize waste of reources.
When they arrive with us in Belgium, they have traveled a long way.
We always perform a final quality control before anything is sent out to retailers or customers. Even though it shouldn’t, sometimes we have to reject a piece. Maybe it got slightly damaged during transport, maybe a small detail just doesn’t quite meet our high standards.


So how does this work? 
On this page we show which items are available in either sample, display or imperfect.
Depending on the general state, it will be sold with a discount between 20 and 70%.