Pre-Order your Ms. Bay

A win-win for fan and brand

We don’t do sales. We do pre-orders.
As you might know, Ms. Bay does not ‘do’ sales. I often get the question why. The answer is as simple as it is complex..

Traditionally sales were to get old stock sold and get rid of pieces that wouldn’t otherwise find a home.
Now however, it’s a strategy to produce more. (And on a side-note; this strategy completely wrecks small businesses. This as they can’t compete with the high discounts of large companies. But customers have gotten so used to them they expect it from all brands.)
Sales are meant to encourage people to buy stuff they don’t need. It doesn’t make the landfills smaller, on the contrary.
Because more items for smaller prices means loss of quality. So we end up having more for less, but the percentage of quality items just goes down..

We don’t do fashion. We do style.
Ms. Bay wants to promote slow fashion; buy less but better. Buy items that really make you happy and that you can enjoy after years because they are well-made.
That’s why we don’t do seasons, our pieces aren’t dated or worn-out after 6 months.

We turn things around.
So we work hard and with pride, seperate from fashion seasons and trends.
Therefore we like to turn things around; we reward our true fans with a pre-order disscount instead of offering sales to those who apparently don’t recognize the true value of something..

This is how it works;

When preparing the launch of a new collection, you imagine which product will be most popular. We think we know how many of each style and colour you will like.
But we might be wrong and end up with “dead stock”; articles that we simply overproduced. This would be a terrible waste of resources.
We want to avoid over-production; for both the environment and our wallet.
This benefits you too as a customer; we don’t have to include invisible dead stock margins in our product price so you pay less for a quality product.

Discounts are for fans!

Moreover, we aim to design evergreens that stay in our collection over years. We don’t want to end the lifecycle of an item in our collection by having to sell it below its price. That just doesn’t feel right. So we prefer to produce less of the more niche-items and have discounts at the beginning of a product-cycle. Discounts are for fans, not for getting rid of over-production. Right? Right!

So, with our pre-order, you get a chance to look at our new collection, make your choice and buy it at an early-bird special price.
This produce-on-demand is a more sustainable way of fashion creation. But contrary to fast fashion.. it is slow. You’ll have to wait for the items to be produced and shipped. That’s why we reward your patience and confidence in us with a discount.
It’s a win-win!

Each season, we’ll introduce new pieces into the collection with pre-orders for our fans. So keep an eye on our website or subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop!

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